"After our daily labors, let us gather in conversation about the heart. It will lead us through the earthly domains to the Subtle World and thereby bring us closer to the realm of Fire." Heart, preface.
Quote with Commentary following: 
"The ancient teachings about the significance of rhythm have been lost, and today's idea of rhythm is limited to music and crude dancing. Scientists speak about vibratory rhythm, but their conclusions do not go beyond their laboratories. Rhythm should be expressed in all work, in all creativeness, in all of life. Only experienced workers are aware that rhythmic labor is the most productive.
      "Verily, a true karma yogin knows the joy of rhythm without artificial tension. A karma yogin works not because someone compels him to, but because he cannot live without labor. This yoga is closely connected with rhythm. Mutual benefit only results when a very powerfully expressed rhythm can blend with similar vibrations everywhere on Earth. In its invisibility such help becomes true harmony. Unfortunately, in daily life such spontaneous and limitless cooperation is very rare."
Supermundane I, para. 214

Commentary: An important theme in the Agni Yoga series - and there are several - is labor. And closely allied with the theme of labor is heart. This is simply because the quality of labor is related to the quality of "heart-thinking." Labor in Agni Yoga is not limited to physical labor. Indeed, this is the less important as one institutes "higher forms" of labor: the labor of right thinking, the labor of right striving, the labor of maintained aspiration for the Common Good and for Humanity, and so forth. Yet intriguingly, once the capacity for "labor through right thought" is attained, then one's daily labors become enhanced in terms of "co-measurement" (a frequent term in the Agni Yoga books) with the work of the Brotherhood of Light. The goal is to achieve as much as possible in one life the capacity to think as much like these Elder Brothers as one can. Put another way, keeping one's daily aspirations for the Common Good, however one can contribute no matter how limited one's environment, brings one gradually into alignment with the universal spiritual energies. 

It is through the "labor" of daily meditation for the Common Good that this aspiration can be stoked and enhanced. And this can be accomplished right where one is - again no matter how limited her circumstances. What matters is the labor and the rhythm of that effort. This labor and rhythm is the expression of sincerity of intention to aid the Common Good. Precisely because human thought is "entangled", the "blending" spoken of in the above quote can occur. 

The World Service of Triangles is a simple effort to work with these ideas practically - yet simply. Elsewhere on this website, there is other introductory information of Triangles


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Meditating is all we need to relax our body and mortal. We always face different kinds of tension in our lives, like meeting toxic people and having over load work. Sometimes you can look through people's faces that they are stressed because of their eyes and how they perform. We must perpetually find a way to meditate and relax, because it really has good effect with our health. So, I value what you have shared with us.

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Daily mediation is really impressive for all of us because in this way we can do those things which is really impressive for all the people. I am very impressive and nice person so I want to do new and great things in my life.


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