"After our daily labors, let us gather in conversation about the heart. It will lead us through the earthly domains to the Subtle World and thereby bring us closer to the realm of Fire." Heart, preface.
 (Commentary follows):
     "Our Brotherhood is based upon a mutual devotion that no circumstance can disturb. One may think that such intense devotion is the result of long collaboration. This is true, but people often collaborate in ways that do not necessarily encourage their devotion to grow. Thus, one's devotion should be tested in the smallest details. True devotion will point out the right conduct, and will teach a careful, loving, and simple attitude.
      "Devotion is not slavery, it is a smile of understanding and sympathy. Ponder upon this beautiful word, sympathy, for it expresses harmony based upon the consonance of feelings. Everyone longs for sympathy, but so often it is demanded for oneself only, without regard for reciprocal feelings. Many misfortunes have their root in this misconception.
     "The Thinker used to say, 'Man demands sympathy, but where is his reciprocal feeling? He considers himself to be most unhappy, yet does he consider the misfortunes of others?'" Supermundane III, para. 492

Commentary: A fundamental premise of this website is that a Brotherhood of Light exists, wherein "graduate humans" Who have struggled in and through life on Earth have attained a certain state of awareness and, for want of a better word, enlightenment. The Buddhist may call this Nirvana, the Christian may call it Heaven. But the salient point is that that attainment is not one of rest. Nirvana has been called "endless Way of which Nirvana is but the beginning." Nirvana is the beginning of a Labor of Love for pan-humanity - all of Humanity without regard to religious or political or economic circumstances. That Labor is to enable and encourage growth in the fundamental quality of the Universe - Love, in and through the Human creation. It is a tough job, to say the least. The endeavor to do so is the essence of the Plan of God for Humanity and the Earth, with which we all can begin to align our aspirations. 

     Attainment of Nirvana can only come through compassion and sympathy as suggested above - but a compassion and sympathy much greater than what we normally perceived them to be. It is not without cause that the Buddha is also known as "the Compassionate One." It is through the heart - understood in its higher capacities of linkage with humanity and the Brotherhood of Light - that progress is made.

     An essential aspect of the Brotherhood of Light is the Brotherhood's consummate understanding and application of the Law of Service, one of the seven Laws of Soul Life.This means, simply, that the Brotherhood of Light seeks to aid humanity in its evolution toward the Realm of Light aiding humanity in the struggle against Darkness, all the while respecting free will. We as humans come to that capacity to respond and cooperate through love.

     Therefore, a fundamental requirement is recognition of our capacity for entanglement upon higher levels through the heart: 

     "Rather than regard the heart as personal property, it is preferable to convince oneself that the heart is not entirely one's own organ but has been granted one for attainment of the highest communion. Perhaps if people began to think of the heart as something on loan from Above they would handle it with greater care.
     "A certain hermit emerged from his solitude with a message, saying to everyone he met, You have a heart.' When he was asked why he did not talk about mercy, patience, devotion, love, and all the beneficial foundations of life, he replied, 'Just so long as we don't forget the heart, the rest will come' Indeed, how can we turn to love if there is nowhere for it to dwell? Or where will patience lodge if its dwelling is closed? So to avoid torturing oneself by seeking virtues that find no application, one has to build a garden for them, a garden that will open up thanks to an understanding of the heart. Let us stand firm on the foundation of the heart, and let us understand that without the heart we are no more than discarded husks." Heart, para. 389



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Brotherhood is the most beautiful feeling and your mostly relationship is based on this brotherhood. Every type of the religion gives the information about the brotherhood which really so matters in the life. It teaches you about patience, love, and many things.


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