"After our daily labors, let us gather in conversation about the heart. It will lead us through the earthly domains to the Subtle World and thereby bring us closer to the realm of Fire." Heart, preface.
     "Communion, like fragrance, spreads far. If it is beautiful, the quality of broad dispersion is a blessed one. Let space be saturated with the best thoughts; many of them will join harmonious radiations. Though not all can absorb the full expression of thoughts, yet the beneficent substance formed by them will be a healing one. One should offer gratitude to the unknown Senders, who impregnate space with beneficial substance. Thoughts manifested in lofty communion are as a spring in the midst of a desert. Pursuing the direction of such springs one may find the Brotherhood." Brotherhood, para. 556

     In the Christian "dispensation of spiritual teaching", the Last Supper communion feast is another "elegant" teaching because of its simplicity. Sincerely participated in, it requires and results in a "communion" of thinking along spiritual lines, even if momentarily. That is its essence, pure and simple. It is not so much that the bread and wine are in actuality the body and blood of the Christ. It is the resulting focus upon a "communion" that is of importance and value. Even the struggle to understand and "believe" that it is actually the body and blood stimulates the mind along spiritual lines. "How can this be?" pondered upon stretches the mind in an upward "arc of consciousness." The result is masses of people down through the years stretching their thinking in ways that otherwise, left to their own demises, might fail to do. 

   Unfortunately and true to form, "churchianity" has made a materialistic teaching of the Last Supper commemoration. People therefore sought "personal" salvation and "personal" communion rather than Brotherhood. The "cart" got put before the "horse." Nevertheless, the minds of participants have received an evolutionary impulse toward recognition of Brotherhood - even if misinterpretation ensued. Herein lies the "elegance" of the presentation of the Last Supper - stimulation toward a concept that requires an open and receptive mind which also incorporates contemplation along the lines of Love. 

     The core concept is Brotherhood through Communion of Hearts. It is Communion in and through the heart wherein the Higher Communion occurs and actually exists as a state of consciousness. It is in and through Higher Communion that "salvation" occurs and the Planet thrives. It is the next stage of consciousness that is a possible and "natural" achievement, not only for the individual, but for much of humanity - provided that it is desired enough. 

   And how is that desire to be realized - or more to the point - demonstrated? Simply: One-Heart-At-A-Time. It will not be imposed because we have the means, if our will-to-Brotherhood is strong enough. This means, quite simply, each person, no matter what their personal circumstances, taking responsibility for contributing to the Heart of Humanity through personal effort at communion with that Heart. It is both a "communion leap of faith" as well as an intentional alignment effort with the "unseen, unheard" Heart of Humanity.  

    It is the collective will-to-Brotherhood that fundamentally matters.

     Pure and simple. 


06/21/2016 3:21am

I want to define communion as unity. Whenever happens in my family, my fathers check this out. He wants to see the unity in our family. He is the light of our house. Communion is not a ceremony. I want to call it as agreement. I have prayed on this and I believe that the answer was given to me through a research. I wish I would have a greater focus on Christ.

09/13/2016 3:37am

I like to read your wise thoughts. Your blog is amazing, thank you.

11/04/2016 3:36am

Really so simple! Amazing! Nice that you've shared this with us! So interesting!

11/06/2016 6:48am

Hmm, it is an interesting concept. Your opinion about that is very valuable for me.


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