"After our daily labors, let us gather in conversation about the heart. It will lead us through the earthly domains to the Subtle World and thereby bring us closer to the realm of Fire." Heart, preface.
     Evil is a challenging topic to address. As may be evident in today's world, one person's evil may be another person's religion. But this seeming opposition is not limited to religion. One person's economic goals and enterprise may be another person's evil adversary. One country's pursuit of its perceived economic needs may be intrusion into another country's right to self-determination within its own boundaries. Although a certain development of individual and country is necessary and correct, the dynamics all too often offer a fertile field for action on the part of Dark Forces. The opening to the film series of Star Wars, "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." coupled with Earth's current struggles between Good and Evil indicate that the struggle between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Dark is an ongoing tension, continuing - and very manifest - even today. Put differently, the labor of struggle to manifest Light (Goodness and Love) is an ongoing, ever-present labor. This was an aspect of the Buddha's enlightenment and is the source of the statement that Nirvana is the first true step upon "endless Way of which Nirvana is but the beginning." (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. III). 

The essence of this webpage (heartsincorporated.org), is that it is mainly - only? - through the heart that one can ascertain the true distinction between Light and Dark Forces, and, more importantly, realize how to put one's forces upon the side of Light, no matter how meager one's contribution may seem.  The potencies of the human heart collectively aligned with the Planetary Heart have yet to be fully appreciated and therefore fully realized. 

The quote below conveys the efforts of Supermundane Consciousness(es) - the Brotherhood of Light - to wage the fight and aid humanity in its endeavors. 

"(There is frequently a) common misconception that the forces of evil manifest more powerfully upon the earthly plane than the forces of good, and that evil images appear more clearly than the misty forms of the beings of light. However, this is true only from the earthly point of view, and although earthly observations are not without merit, the strength of subtle entities does not lie in their degree of visibility, but in the power of their energy.
     "  It is true that the entities of the lower strata are fed by earthly emanations, and are drawn toward the earthly sphere in an attempt to devour ( humanity) and continue to commit evil. However, their actions are not in accord with the laws of the Universe. They need not be taught evil, they learned it while in the earthly state and continue to practice it intuitively, because goodness for them is meaningless. There is no need to assume that some special hierophant of evil is necessary for an evil action to occur. On Earth, the most insignificant, gloomy person can commit sufficient evil, and near him are the subtle entities that know all the delights of evil-doing.
      "But let us turn to the Luminous Powers. We have already described how careful They are in the use of Primary Energy, and how They observe the laws of the Universe. They know that a lawless waste of energy affects the entire universe, and They labor to preserve the equilibrium. Can this Great Labor be compared to the petty attacks of evil? Who could say that a planet can exist without Light? Who will dare to compare the dull glow of evil beings to the radiance of the higher spheres? Let us not forget that people need these reminders.
      "The Thinker sometimes exclaimed, 'Citizens, you use your eyes and ears strangely. You turn only to see evil deeds, and strain to hear only evil.'"

Supermundane II, para. 434


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An evil act is hated by everyone who comes to know you have done it. Evil person will always show you negative way which will ruin your all life. We need to keep ourselves away from evil people who may harm us in many ways.


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