"After our daily labors, let us gather in conversation about the heart. It will lead us through the earthly domains to the Subtle World and thereby bring us closer to the realm of Fire." Heart, preface.
     Elsewhere in this website, I make a dedication to the millennial generation. It is to this generation and those immediately following.that so much responsibility falls - but also much opportunity. This is tied intimately to discovering - or perhaps rediscovering - their natural spiritual tendency. I ponder their dilemma daily, because the future of the world is so tied to their response to life. They are frequently - and increasingly - members of the "none" generation, in terms of religiosity. This is actually a good thing as it opens the door to the (re)discovery of their innate childhood spirituality. Yet the world is in such a state of chaos and "busy-ness" that one can quite fairly inquire, "How is there time and opportunity to discover one's spirituality?" This is the essence of my thought for a while now. 

     The key lays, it seems to me, in the massed appreciation by these generations of the spirituality of daily labor. It is through a conscious endeavor of linking in thought one's daily labors to the Hearts of many others that spiritual regeneration of the Planet and Human relations will occur. It is not the great conscious labor of the heart of a few, but the massed achievement and labor of the heart of many that creates the receptivity of the Mundane world of our daily existence to the "Supermundane" world of regenerating energies. Through a deeper appreciation of the heart as the link to the Planetary Heart by many comes the synchrony and synthesis of human aspirations for the Common Good.  T
his is labor of and through the heart.  
     Essentially, it is the Will-to-Brotherhood of Humanity - the core quality of unified hearts.

      "When any step of ascent is achieved in earthly life, without departing from one's daily routine, it can be called the highest test. True, it is difficult to hold one's torch high amidst crude vibrations, malice, and ignorance, but then the greater is the achievement. By maintaining a constant striving toward the Higher Worlds without turning away from daily life, that containment will be found which people call synthesis. But how rarely does one find in life the toilers who have dedicated themselves to the service of the Higher World!
      "People sometimes talk about the Common Good, yet this goal will only be possible through the embracing of the Higher World. Only then will the process of perfectment become a wise one, and unite all quests of humanity. The varied paths of all pilgrims will then be accepted and understood. They all walk the one path, and only their words differ.
   "The Thinker said to the disciples, 'Embrace all, understand, and love.
'" Supermundane IV, 722.


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Thank you

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You give the extraordinary views about the future life. No doubt the competition will arise among the people and time will also run so fast. The new generation will also work rapid and you write on it about the future because you worried about it.


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