"After our daily labors, let us gather in conversation about the heart. It will lead us through the earthly domains to the Subtle World and thereby bring us closer to the realm of Fire." Heart, preface.
     "Evolution requires that hatred be regarded as a shame of humanity, and when this requirement has been met, the many barriers raised by ignorance will be destroyed. Hatred is a special kind of ignorance. An enlightened person knows that hatred stands in the way of progress.
       "Do not think that a hater is always a giant of evil, for there are also petty haters. They also bear the karma of their hatred, and in this matter an earthly scale is unsuitable. Does the hater always know what he is obstructing, and what it is that he dreams to destroy? Many haters do not even know the true purpose of their hatred. They are like small stones in a riverbed, carried along by the force of the current. Even small stones can collect and form large barriers.
      "The Thinker said, 'I pray that Destiny should preserve humanity from the madness of hatred.'" Supermundane III, para. 635

"One must abandon complicated analyzing, and return to the most simple. Man cannot make evolution, but must participate in it. He must harmonize himself with it. Again we come to the rhythm of labor and understand that those who just talk only encumber life. During this time of intense transformation of the world there is no place for empty talk or bigotry.
      "You may ask why such intense labor is needed in Infinity, and whether Infinity is co-measurable with the labor of a single individual. To the amazement of many, I must say that it is so. Each person is a living particle of humanity, which is the most powerful force on the planet. This 'master of the planet' has no right to indulge in idle talk. He carries an immeasurable responsibility, and may not escape it. For him the only way is to turn as a friend to the Supermundane World.
      The Thinker said, 'Everyone has a great many friends, but must learn to love them. There can be no friendship without love.'" Supermundane III, para. 659


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