"After our daily labors, let us gather in conversation about the heart. It will lead us through the earthly domains to the Subtle World and thereby bring us closer to the realm of Fire." Heart, preface.
A most elegant statement of achieving deep spirituality in the "everydayness" of living from the Agni Yoga book, Supermundane II. It is in this type of spiritual livngness that the true hope for humanity resides. People are innately spiritual and the work of Lisa Miller establishes that we are all "hard-wired" for spiritual experience from birth. In truth, the "myocardial cells" of the corporate human heart are beating....they are just in a state of consciousness "fibrillation" and must come to beat in unison. This will be achieved through realization of entanglement and responsibility for Life on Earth - our common bond. 

   "Biographers make the mistake of thinking that the value of a person can be measured only by exceptional deeds, and because of this they miss the truth. Celebrities are often characterized by the glory of their activities, their sparkling eyes and powerful, eloquent speech, but entirely different personalities are revealed by these people in their everyday life. They should be observed in their routine work and in the company of their near ones. Their true mentality, as manifested in thoughts and dreams, should be properly understood.
      "Above all, We value the achievement of harmony in everyday life. Most of human life passes in such routine, and people should be evaluated by how they stand this test of daily life - whether they can preserve harmony in their domestic environment, resist petty irritations, and rise above boredom.
       "Many unseen circumstances are hidden in daily life, and one must find in them the joy that elevates one into the Supermundane. May you all remember that you build your human dignity amid daily turbulence. This awareness will make your achievement permanent. We rejoice at the builders of harmony in life, and every day should become a stone in the foundation of this beautiful structure. If you love work, understand it as a substitute for time."


Our life should be a combination of other works and our daily life routine works should contain the spirituality in them as well. So, live a peaceful happy living life.


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