"After our daily labors, let us gather in conversation about the heart. It will lead us through the earthly domains to the Subtle World and thereby bring us closer to the realm of Fire." Heart, preface.
    This website is devoted to the concept of "heart thinking" as the focal point for resolution to humanity's issues and to rescuing the Planet and all its inhabitants. This is possible because there is in reality a consciousness correspondence to quantum entanglement and non-locality. "Hearts Incorporated" is one small effort, combined with many, to employ and activate that capacity.  It remains for "Everyman " to come to an incipient realization of the possibility of this solution through "heart thinking." A daily momentary focus and aspiration to such a concept is a beginning. "Heart thinking" is a definite effort at employing our innate spirituality toward the solution. The teaching below points to the attainment of heart thinking.

      "Some scientists devote much attention to intuition, and do not deny that man, when in a state of nervous stimulation, can come to a correct decision.
      "Now, let us imagine a yogi, who has intensified his nervous sensitivity and raised his consciousness to reach into the Supermundane World. He will not use conjectures of the mind, but will listen to the voice of his heart, an antenna that receives the waves of direct communication. The stronghold of the yogi is not in the brain, but in the heart.
       "Science is as yet unable to understand the true value of the heart. The ancient world often referred to the power of the heart, but the rational mind insisted that the brain was preeminent, and thus impeded the surest striving. Until recently the heart was thought of as almost magical, and the conventional scientists stood aloof from such beliefs, so as not to be seen as dreamers. A whole dictionary could be made out of proscribed, but valuable concepts. Let us wish that the scientists become more free.
      "The Thinker said, 'What can be colder than an extinguished hearth? What can be deader than a silenced heart?'" Supermundane IV.



I read your thoughts which are so intelligent. I never see the sense of intellectual to the other person. God gifted you the special mind and it is good to know that you use it with the proper way. Your book is so interesting and able to read.


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