"After our daily labors, let us gather in conversation about the heart. It will lead us through the earthly domains to the Subtle World and thereby bring us closer to the realm of Fire." Heart, preface.
    A major theme of the Agni Yoga series is that of labor, as I have stated elsewhere in this blog. And the "labor" of the Agni Yoga teachings ranges from simple physical labor performed with the right intention, all the way up to the labor of the Brotherhood of Light for Humanity. With "heart thinking", labor is transformed into service to the Common Good. How this is so requires a conscious "connection" to the Supermundane world. That conscious connection can come simply through reflection, focused thought, right meditation and simple openness to it, seeking a realization in one's understanding that there are indeed "graduate humans" Who seek to impress essential spiritual energies into the life of humanity. A significant step in this direction is the personal strident endeavor to realize that that Brotherhood of Light works for all humanity and sees no distinction of race, religion, ethnicity or politics. It is One Labor to which individuals can contribute and strive toward in the simplicity of individual daily existence. (See previous "Reflection")

 "Avoid scattered thinking. Often people do not notice that many thoughts rage simultaneously within them. As they swarm about like flies, it is impossible to discern which thought has the most significance. This circumstance must be studied. Future apparatuses will demonstrate the harm of such confused thinking. It would be better not to think at all than to permit such confusion within oneself, for it is a kind of madness.
     "You may ask, What measures can help? Do not seek outside yourself for forcible means, but rather observe your thinking, so that you can naturally purify it. When man becomes aware of confusion in his thinking, he should evaluate his thoughts, to determine which are the most needed.
     "It is not easy to follow little insects in the depths of the consciousness. They can disfigure any beautiful thought. But if man will assume the task of learning the dangers of scattered thinking, he may begin little by little to banish extraneous thoughts.
     "Clarity of thought is very necessary for thinking about the Supermundane World. One does not prepare laboratory ingredients with dirty hands; likewise it is impermissible to approach the high chemisms of the Supermundane World with a soiled mind. People should think more purely about the higher worlds.
     "The Thinker advised His disciples to think about the Supermundane as if participating in it personally." Supermundane IV


This yoga is very useful for the person who related in the field of the labor. Lots of the people working in this field and play the important role in the construction of the country. I think yoga is very useful for all kind of the people.


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