"After our daily labors, let us gather in conversation about the heart. It will lead us through the earthly domains to the Subtle World and thereby bring us closer to the realm of Fire." Heart, preface.
     A daily challenge - that is actually our evolutionary challenge - is to become sensitive to the "voice of the Silence" - essentially our conscience and the "still small voice" deep within. It is, in essence, the voice of the soul. We can aspire to enlightenment, but enlightenment is not a state of the mind, per se. It is the response of the mind to the soul, whose essence is light. Hence enlightenment is responsive influence of the soul within. 
     We as humans en masse are oblivious to the Brotherhood of Light because, at least, we are too unresponsive to our conscience. The "voice of the Silence" aids us not only in our actions, but in our thoughts as well. And it is in our thoughts that we come, eventually, to be in active reception to our soul and eventually to the energy of the Brotherhood of Light. Intriguingly, it is through our hearts and heart-thinking that our minds are brought into right relation to our soul. 
     The Brotherhood of Light - or the Brotherhood of Enlightened Humans - work basically with the world of thought of Humanity - the Human Soul - channeling even Higher Energies into the Human Soul for our evolution and the care of the Planet. To the degree to which we as individuals become aligned with our own "voice of the Silence" just to that degree do we also begin to come under the impression - for that is what it is - of the Brotherhood of Enlightened Minds. 
     This teaching from the Agni Yoga series speaks to the "voice of the Silence." 
     "One would be astonished to see how the supermundane guest flies away from a crude touch. People do not value supermundane messages. They cannot imagine how much labor is needed for the Supermundane Friends to push a thought through dense, earthly matter. The Supermundane Friends seek the best atmospheric conditions to better transmit their messages. They wait for a time when the earthly dwellers can open their psychic ears in a calm mood. But, even if the best conditions are present, some messenger from the bazaar can appear, and the most subtle thought is driven away.
      "People brush away Our messages as if they were annoying flies. They complain that some kind of nonsense has come into their heads, not realizing that Supermundane Friends are trying to save them from misfortune. They will not admit that someone is trying to help them solve difficult problems in their lives. The earthly mind cannot imagine the cooperation that exists beyond the boundaries of Earth.
      "It is difficult for Supermundane Friends to send messages to Earth, even the most urgent ones. Evil scoffers do what they can to outrun a good thought. Unfortunately, the recipient is often inclined to listen to their cunning voices. The consciousness of the recipient is rarely developed and refined enough to distinguish the quality of the message. The concerns of everyday life obscure the Voice of Silence. Thus, it is difficult for Us and other Supermundane Friends, when people turn a deaf ear to Us and prefer the bazaar.
      "The Thinker instructed His disciples, �Be on guard day and night. You do not know the moment when a supermundane message will come to you. It is possible that you will drive it away!� Supermundane III



06/02/2016 4:08am

The message of this blog is amazing. How it teaches us not to drive away, and listen to the little voice that is within us. I agree with the author of this post and the ideas, that we should be an open listener not just to the physical things, but also with the small voice within us that is only after over our own good. Having an open mind, and accepting change for the better is great. We should not lock our minds and ears to correction, for it may be the greater help that we are looking for or to what we really need.

11/13/2016 7:39am

How we can hear voice of the silence? That's even sounds ridiculous. It's a difficult challenge.


I need to hear it. To find it. But I don't know where to start!


Whatever you wrote here, it's always good to read. Like it so much!


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