"After our daily labors, let us gather in conversation about the heart. It will lead us through the earthly domains to the Subtle World and thereby bring us closer to the realm of Fire." Heart, preface.
 "It must be understood that the process toward perfection [of the heart] lies at the basis of evolution. It summons one to simplification and to direct communion with higher worlds. It can be seen how pranayama [breathing exercises] and other artificial methods of various yogas [hatha, tantra, e.g.] can be replaced by a simple, fiery heart. Certainly this simplicity is relative [to mindfulness of aspiration]. The flaming fiery path leads to it. Yet it brings into life precisely that which was rejected as abstraction and fiction [rejected through materialism]. I consider that each striving to knowledge should be speedily brought to fulfillment. People ask why We do not compel the striving toward evolution. But even a plain nurse tells a child, "Be like a grown-up, find by yourself!'" Hierarchy, para. 297 

     This is a lovely quote, yet practical. It contains much in its simplicity. For example, Religion is a basic impulse of humanity, as Lisa Miller is demonstrating. Religious organizations - (r)eligion - is the materialization of that impulse, which - mostly unintentionally -directs that impulse away from its origin. On this point, we have an indirect hint through the phrase "direct communion" about the failure of (r)eligion to "K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid", to borrow a term from the business world. Elsewhere on this blog are quotes about the heart and the place it plays in the individual life, as a means for contact and communion. And through the "simplicity of the soul" (also explored elsewhere on these pages), anyone can bring oneself into alignment with - and eventual communion with - higher levels of consciousness and spirituality. Through alignment, we approach the Universal Mind and Heart, wherein true "yoga" - linking with - occurs. Such alignment in simple ways produces increasing synchronicity of the individual consciousness with the quality of higher levels of consciousness, the dimensions wherein the Universal Heart is known and experienced.

     An example of the "complexification" by (r)eligion of the essential but ubiquitous spiritual impulse (i.e. Religion) is the concept of  "heaven." Heaven, Nirvana, Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Soul, Samadhi, even "salvation"  - all these are efforts to define a "state of consciousness" that is within the reach of every human when the mind is rightly oriented, disciplined and used as the instrument of contact. Yet these concepts have been increasingly distorted through the materialism of (r)eligion. (Materialistic religion can only define "heaven" in materialistic terms.) The mind can be used - must be used - to "vibrate" in sync with those dimensions. If any mind does not so vibrate, then those dimensions are, essentially and quite naturally, non-existent. We cannot know any territory that we do not  explore. 

     Because we each possess a mind, we do not need any externalities of religion, per se, to achieve - although (r)eligion can be an instrument for expression of personal heart-knowing through a service of bringing what we have learned from "the far land" back to those who have not traveled thereto. Herein is the salient point: we can serve - should so serve - in the community of lives with which we are entangled, even when that community is (r)eligion. It results in spiritual manifestation of the phrase: "Think Globally [in the Universal Heart] and act [by distributing that Heart energy] locally". 

      In a seeming paradox, it is when the mind is linked with the heart that simplicity commences and "direct communion" can occur. The resolution of this seeming paradox of communion is addressed in the simple aphorisms: "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he", because, simply, "energy follows thought." 



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