"After our daily labors, let us gather in conversation about the heart. It will lead us through the earthly domains to the Subtle World and thereby bring us closer to the realm of Fire." Heart, preface.
"If one were to expound the condition and aims of Yoga, the number of applicants would not be great. For them the renunciation of selfhood would be dreadful. When a Yogi feels the same during want or plenty; when he feels himself only a disposer of means; when he feels his destination in bringing service to the world and his holiday in communion with the Higher Forces-such a way of life, with the assumption of all the burdens of surrounding imperfections, will not be pleasant to many. Many are altogether incapable of thinking about the future, lulling themselves with the misunderstood letters of the Scriptures. We must not think too much of the earthly, yet it is not said anywhere that we should not think of the future. The thought of the future is already like gates to the Infinite. Thus, think of the future, and you may be sure that this thought will be supported by Hierarchy." Hierarchy, 451.

To understand the concept of  "Pilgrim of the Heart", one must become open to the essential meaning of "yoga", as there is much confusion and materialistic distortion. Simply put, "yoga" is "from Sanskrit: a yoking, union...". Even this original meaning requires exploring the word "yoke" to deepen one's understanding. Among the definitions of "yoke" the Seeker finds this: "to put a yoke on; join or couple by means of a yoke.

Moreover, if "yoga" is union, the question must be addressed: To what does one seek union or "yoking"? In arriving at the answer lies one's true orientation: materialistic or spiritual.

From the standpoint of Hearts Incorporated, that union can be with the Universal Heart of Humanity. Why this union through right yoga may have significance for those of spiritual aspiration, I offer another "image and likeness of God" in which Humanity is created.

If we are made in that image, yet we see no anthropomorphic God (see Hubble space telescope images elsewhere on this webpage) and the human physical body degenerates after only a few years - whereas God is inifinite - just what aspects of God might humans be endowed with - aspects that constitute a "likeness" to God, enabling an "image"?

The most intangible aspects of our human constitution are these: 1. Will; 2. Love; 3. Mind *

I offer that these essential, non-material aspects of being human may constitute the true "image and likeness" in which we are made. These are the "everlasting" and "infinite" qualities in us that are "fractal-like elements" of the Will, Love and Mind of God. Put another way, after the body ceases to exist, Will, Love and Mind persist precisely because they are fractal elements of God.**  Most significantly for us, it is these aspects of the "image and likeness of God" that constitute our true "entanglement" and quality of "non-locality" whose lower correspondences are "entanglement" and "non-locality" of physical quantum science. We are "entangled" and partake in "non-locality" through the Mind, Heart and Will comprising the fractal-type elements of God in each of us. It remains for us to undertake the development - the "evolution" - of those infinite and divine aspects within us individually at first, then collectively at some point of our choosing. It is offered that the more humanity develops these aspects of Will, Love and Mind collectively, the more these aspects can be known and realized - made real. 

It is in consideration of these elements within ourselves as "infinite" fractal-like aspects of God that we can begin to discern and hope for a practical , even simple universal approach to and relationship with God, transcending ALL (r)eligions without discarding any of them. Each (r)eligion becomes simply a means or instrument through which adherents come to union with that essential universal triplicity of infinite elements.  The goal and result for all (r)eligions - when properly and non-materialisticly pursued - is the same. It is just that the paths are many. Put in terms of the Ageless Wisdom, "All paths meet at the centre."  

If, as according to major traditions, God is Love, then perhaps - just perhaps - it may be through the Universal Heart of Humanity that we and the Planet can come to a greater realization of this divine/infinite quality through striving for union with, through and in our collective "image and likeness of God."

I close with thoughts that are hopeful....for all of us and the Planet:

"The responsibility of the kindled heart is great. It transmits rhythms and currents along the line of Hierarchy....this should be understood as a basis of Existence" Fiery World I, para. 82

The meditation here is offered as one small effort to "make practical" these spiritual concepts. 

* We must consider the Mind as separate from the brain, just as we must consider the quality of love as distinct from the physical heart, although we feel love in the heart region and we "think" in the brain region. Personal will is a little more nebulous, but essentially it can be considered as our purpose and plan in life to which we give our energies to accomplish.

** These three aspects are candidates for the concept of the Trinity or the 3-in-1 concept of God: the 3 persons of the Trinity in some religious traditions. Further, these 3 aspects go toward the constitution of the soul.



Synthesis and ant synthesis for the process and progress of the knowledge. It is the engrossed for the simple and vital terms. It is the offered with the exigency and fundamental. It is the vital for all suggested.

09/19/2016 2:14am

I have read in the book, Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga by Rolf Gates that Yoga helps people connect with their inner self and with God. Yoga requires a deep sense of focus and meditation to completely connect with God. Although, some people only use yoga as a daily exercise and to become healthy. I have also read in an article that yoga has helped people find and determine what they want in life. Maybe because yoga has to be in a quiet place.

09/19/2016 7:45am

It seems that the "yoga" you are referring to is Hatha Yoga - or postural yoga. Hatha yoga is the most ancient form of yoga. There are other forms. The one addressed is that of raja yoga, the "kingly science of the mind." And you are correct about a "quiet place." In raja yoga, the "quiet place" that "yoking with the mind" occurs is in the mind itself. :-) But yoga is more than that: it is the at-one-ment with the world soul through at-one-ment with one's "own soul" - a somewhat misleading concept. This only occurs in consciousness through application of the mind to the accomplishment of that task. To have a pretty comprehensive yet succinct understanding of the entire process, may I suggest "Yoga Sutras of Patanjali" by Alice Bailey. This is a modern update of raja yoga concepts, purportedly 10,000 years old. Thank you for your comment.

Yoga is amazing discovery that can help you to feel alive through the commonness!


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